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Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washing

Why should I choose professional pressure washing?

Without proper experience, pressure washing can quickly become overwhelming. Each surface has different requirements, from cleaning agents to the amount of pressure. Our technicians are trained for each. We at Shirley Power Wash are professionals in pressure washing and know exactly what it takes to get a surface clean, even the difficult ones. From concrete, brick, decks, vinyl, and more. Shirley Power Wash has the know-how, products, and equipment to be sure that your surface is clean and stays clean for a long time, each time.

How often should I get a house washing?

House washing is recommended once per year to thoroughly remove grime and dirt. Depending on the situation, you may need to pressure wash more often than that. Shirley Power Wash uses home-safe chemicals at the highest quality to ensure a house washing that will last. We've perfected the art of pressure washing, and you can rest assured knowing that our technicians will make your home sparkling clean.

Will high-pressure damage my home?

Yes, too high of pressure can cause issues for your home's surfaces. Proper training ensures that this does not happen. Without it, you can tear the siding from your home, cause permanent damage to your desk or roof, and even cause injury to yourself. Shirley Power Wash's technicians have been trained, are skilled and insured to deliver quality, careful cleaning to your home. We use only pressure washing methods that have been tested and are safe.

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